Safety and tips

  1. SAFETY: Senegal is a stable and democratic country, where three religions live together respectfully, catholic, muslim and animist. The area is fully safe. It is a quiet place with very friendly people, where you can leave the house with the door open without any fear. Everyone knows each others and tourist are respected. Safety is also guaranteed by the police and the army, whom you can always see on the roads, in the controls. It can be even a little bit annoying during long road trips because they make you stop a lot. Is wothwhile recalling that using drugs is strongly punishable in Senegal. Cases where the dealers report their costumers to the police are common, so we do not recommend the use of any illegal substance while you are here. Jails are not the same as in Europe…
  2. VACCINES AND DISEASES: There are some official advices, formality and caution. We recommend our costumers visit and search for information with their embassies on Senegal or their foreign affairs office. Without taking responsibilities for the decisions of our costumers, according to our experiences, there are not problems with malaria or other diseases, our staff is not vaccinated. Even our friend, Carmen who has been visiting Cap Skirring for 15 years, has never vaccinated and is not willing to. Anyway, there’s a first aid kit in the camp, with drugs needed in case of diseases or emergencies.
  3. HOW TO ARRIVE There are two main options:
    1. Flight to Dakar, then either boat to Ziguinchor or a domestic flight to Ziguinchor or Cap Skirring. It’s only a one-hour car ride from Ziguinchor to Cap Skirring. Is very difficult booking flights to Ziguinchor or Cap and boats to Ziguinchor online, so maybe you will have to ask us for the booking.
    2. Flight to Banjul (Gambia) and ask us for the shuttle from there to Cap Skirring. It’s about 3 hour ride. With this option you have to know there are several police controls in the way, and laws in Gambia are a little bit messy, so maybe you will have to pay a visa from Senegal to Gambia.
    You can find us in this google maps link:,-16.7280643,11981m/data=!3m1!1e3