General Info

Our surfcamp is located in Casamance Region, in Cap Skirring, in the South of Senegal, between Gambia and Guinea Bissau. With subtropical weather and huge beaches, perfect for surfing, a sport unknown in the area, wich waves are yet to ve discovered, since there’s only two surfers in the region, of course, part of our staff.

Average temperature during winter is 30ºC, and sea water is between 23ºC y 26ºC, depending on the months. The area has subtropical weather with plenty of native vegetation and fauna, palm tree, fruit tree…

Surf season goes from October to May, being the months between June and September the raining season, when the 99% of the year rain is concentrated, and the waves are not so good, so we prefer to open only while perfect conditions are suitable.

Is a touristic area with several hotels between 3 and 5 stars (with affluence of French, English, and other origin tourism)

We have all the guaranties for you to have some time to remember, qualified staff, lodging licence, bar, restaurant, liability insurance…

Visa is not necessary from Spain to Senegal since 2015. There’s a visa if you come via Banjul, when you are leaving Senegal to Gambia.

Bringing local money (CFA Francs, FCFA) is not necessary, since you can pay us in euros and you can find several business near the camp for currency exchange without commission, better than local or European banks.